X-trans sensor problem?

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Re: X-trans sensor problem?

shonxiaohe wrote:

just hit the post below. since I am considering X100s, I wonder does X-trans sensor really has such bad effect as shown below? quite unbelivable...


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Bad sensor ... pity I have yet to see this in my pictures ...

Seems to me that whatever comes out gets bagged by somebody .. the banding issue on the D200, the autofocus on the Canon 1D MKIII (the one MKIII that was fast as but couldn#t focus properly) the D800 for fine tuning issues etc.

Will be you be happier to know that an issue can be replicated for the sensor or happier if it is a lot of tommy-rot? ...

I am enjoying the Fuji sensor immensely, but haven't done fabric tests, because, you know, I am not really into fabric-pixel-peeping these days .. have had 200% moire detection, - but couldn't find any ...

I don't use LR, I use - and have used - Capture One. Not sure as to hwo this translates through image processing or whether the results are the same OOC?? Will not follow this thread, will conduct my own tests and then decide whether or not it will matter to me ... have had too many of those threads ... never had the banding issue with my D200 but found the fine tuning on D800 a pain ... it seems to me there are some issues ... with every camera out there! Feel like a duck in the rain these days and decide whether this matters to me and to me only. I find the output quality of the X-Trans sensors incredibly good, fascinating colours and gentle roll-off between parts ...

The suggestion that the sensor is only good enough for 7Mpx is plain silly .. unless you are into patchwork and fabrics - and see this all the time ...

Here is a shot taken with X-E1 at 25.600 ASA ... terrible quality ... link to dpreview:



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