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jcollier wrote:

The legendary early photographers accepted the limitations of their equipment and created timeless images through hard work and talent without complaining. The DPXMs are capable of stellar performance under the right conditions in capable hands. Those that can, do. Those that can't, complain.

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Again to me the mindset your attributing to them is simpley wrong, they naturally accepted the limations of the equipment as it existed then(what else could they do?) but they clearly were well aware of them and did there best to limate them.

If were talking landscape shooters after high resolution the kind of size tradoffs we saw were more taking the 4x5 camera out into the wild rather than the 8x10 or when they got older 6x6 medium format.

Of course for some people very small cameras really are the only option physically and I wouldnt disagree the DP's are probabley the most bang for your buck resolution wise(on digital anyway) but someone like Ansel Adams would laugh at the idea that something like the D800 was too bulky for an able bodied man to carry all day.

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