Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Surface non-RT costs $900

Brian Miller wrote:

Win 8/128GB Surface Pro will go on sale Feb. 9. at the same price (sans keyboard) as my 64GB no-USB (3.0 or otherwise) port, no display-port, no Office support, no full-blown applications (CS), locked-down 4G IPad. With 10-point touch and a pen.

Why are you comparing a Surface without telephony to an iPad containing a cellphone?

Price of the base model Intel-based Surface Pro is $899 according to today's news. With well-liked keypad cover it would be $999 or possibly more.

Whereas the iPad 3 is only $490. Screen resolution is 2048x1536 versus only 1366x768 on the Surface.

Or for $230 I can get a refurbished Dell 14" laptop with DVD/CD drive and install Linux on it.

Are you saying the Intel based model handles twice the 5 point touch of the Surface RT? I have not read that anywhere.

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