Cheapest cam setup with 18mm equiv FL?

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Re: Cheapest cam setup with 18mm equiv FL?

thanks sjg and jon - yes, the g3 with 9-18mm is a choice.  I am afraid of going with another Dx (APS-C) sensor due to the sensor heating issue for video - I need to sometimes do 45-60 minute clips at a time for music recitals - I currently use a panny ZS10 in 720p mode AVCHD for this, and would like to get to 1080p.  it seems all sensors that size can overheat within 15-20 minutes, and cant go again until they cool down - that would kill me.  so I think I have to go with a smaller sensor camera - 4/3, or maybe a 1" like on the Nikon 1 series (but no articulated screen with the 1).

I also thought about the LX5 with its WA adapter, but it is only 720p and no artic display.

the Olympus 4/3 cams also look okay, but I don't see any reason to go there rather than another Panasonic (I have had several lumix cams and they have all been very good to me).

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