Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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Re: But not exact ...

dcassat wrote:

Good question DM, unfortunately the answer is "sometimes."

Obviously the processing is not entirely linear or I would be able to duplicate my successful results but in low light or low contrast situations hitting the mark usually results in slight under or slight overexposure.

I'm rather careful in my processes and have tried time and again to get absolute results but I feel there is some interpolation occurring that I cannot control.

I had read some statements that the Live Histogram and the Blinkies threshold appeared to (both) change with contrast-ratio of the previewed scene. But that did not make much sense to me.

That the Live Histogram would show the (JPG preview referenced) "luminance" regardless of whether the Blinkies threshold was being somehow altered (due to contrast-ratio of the previewed scene) would make more sense. While all Live Histograms appear to auto-scale the Y-axis scaling, it would surprise me if the X-axis scaling would be altered by the contrast-ratio of the previewed scene.

One might think that the E-M5 Live Histogram (with a UniWB configuration) could potentially be used to indicate maximum (linear) recordable RAW-channel levels. GW appears to have indicated that it seems to him that the Y-axis (auto) scaling is not sufficient in order to cause the display to light-up "dots" to warn of the existence of upper highlights.

That's a shame, indeed (if so). My GH2 Live Histogram can (under some circumstances, due to the auto-scaling of the Y-axis) indicate as few as 10 photo-sites - which is a very senstive indicator.

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