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Re: It is *not* the same lens

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The lens is not the same as in Olympus ZX-2. This is convergent evolution, not inheritance. Both cameras use the same (sized) sensor and decided on the same focal length range (which is a round number 6 to 24mm for 4x zoom range starting at 28mm equivalent).

Olympus has 6 aspherical elements and in-lens IS. Pentax has 4 aspherical elements with in-body IS. The Olympus maximum aperture is (slightly) larger at larger focal lengths.

That's good to know. It just seemed wrong that Pentax, who has made some legendary glass in all these years, would license a lens from Olympus. Thanks for the info.

To be fair to Olympus, they've also made some pretty good glass over the years.

There is no doubt about that.  But just as I wouldn't expect Nikon to license a lens from Canon, it would be kind of weird for Pentax to license a lens from Olympus.  For some reason, it doesn't seem wrong when Pentax rebrands a Tokina lens like the 12-24 f4 or 10-17 Fisheye zoom, but rebrand a lens from a (sort of) competitor like Olympus just feels wrong, IMHO.

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