Best MILC for Complete Photography Novice

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Re: Best MILC for Complete Photography Novice

Chas2 wrote:

I guess the first thing I would say is that the middle two letters in MILC include the strong point of the cameras, regardless of brand, "interchangeable lens". If you do not think you will be using the interchangeable part, and the expense that entails, you will be forgoing a major feature of these cameras. Which leads me to a second thought, the interchangeable lenses. Look at the available lenses for the Sony and Panasonics (which means that you should also look at Olympus since the micro four thirds (MFT) design standard is backed by both Olympus and Panasonic, as well a number of other companies, primarily lens makers). Up to a point, it is the lens, and not the camera that is more important, and that is what makes the MFT system more attractive...Sony is just not yet there with the line up of lenses that are available for the MFT system. Which goes back to my original point, if you are not interested in changing lenses, and diving deeper into photography, it is possible that a MILC may not be the ideal camera for you.

If you can, you should handle the cameras, and understand their size and bulk. Any of these cameras will be larger than your Canon, but certainly smaller and lighter than any DSLR. Any of these cameras will be way more trouble to use than your iPhone, but the results can be a lot better...just don't expect miracles in low light without a fast (large maximum aperture lens) lens and some technique.

To me, cameras can be like driving a car...on paper, the cars may look feature for feature similar, but the way the car fits you, and the way it feels when it drives may be totally different. To a large extent, cameras are the same way. If nothing else, you should play with this website to see size differences....dpn't forget to add different lenses to it...

I am sure you will get many more pieces of advice...I can think of many others, but I do not want to overwhelm you...think of photography as a journey to be enjoyed along the way...take a quick class at community college, or even a place like REI to get some principles down. It is not just about the hardware...

Thanks for the advice. So I have some questions based on your post:

1. In terms of lenses if I go with a 4/3 camera will my lens purchases be cheaper/easier since they have a larger selection (relative to purchasing lenses for the Sony)?

2. For the type of shooting that I would like to do (and keeping in mind that money is tight so I may have to make some sacrifices) which specific lens(es) would you recommend purchasing?

3. For any of the mentioned MILC cameras would it make sense to try and get a body only and then buy the lenses (based on advice from this forum) separately?

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