Question about Nikon motorless bodies and Nikon AF/Non-AF lenses

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Re: Question about Nikon motorless bodies and Nikon AF/Non-AF lenses

Couple of thoughts :

You probably need to say more about your main photog needs - wildlife, street, portrait, family/friends/social, macro, landscape, sports, airshows, theatre, night shooting, etc etc That way, people here can zero in on specifics.

With the 3200/5200 bodies, Nikon offers good value by not building them with a motor and selling for less. The feature sets and performance are excellent, though we all have individual minor moans about what is missing.

I agree w/ Scokil and Mosswings : don't agonise about it too long.

From what you have said, I would go for either 3200 or 5200, plus two lenses : Nikon 18-55 and 55-300mm. They will work on those motorless cams and you will be set up for a long time. Even consider a previously-loved 5100 which will probably drop in price when the 5200 is on retail shelves. The 55-200mm is also good.

If you desire equipment changes/upgrades later, you can sell the above kits and buy other stuff


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