Very cold very bad focus ???? D700

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Re: Very cold very bad focus ???? D700

Optics and very cold weather do not always mix well.   Talking here as somebody who has used telescopes, binoculars and cameras in -20C weather.  I know guys who have had Canon IS binoculars free up on them in the Canadian north.

I don't know about your specific situation, but I do remember when auto-focus lenses first started becoming poplar, some people in the extreme cold would go back to manual focus lenses because the AF lenses would freeze up.  I have even seen manual focus lenses freeze up bad enough it hard if next to impossible to focus/move them.   I have seen focusers on telescopes freeze up, and the focus in binoculars freeze up.    I had to tear apart my Losmandy telescope mount and re-grease it one day so it would not freeze  up in winter use.

One possible thing that happens - and i have seen it myself - the lubricant used turns thick or downright freezes up in very cold weather.  I have also seen telescope optics "pinch" because the lens cell or the mirror cell contracts in the cold and squeezes on the lenses.

So it does not surprize me that an auto focus or the auto focus motor on a digital SLR will freeze up/slow down the cold.

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