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Re: I think they cared

Roland Karlsson wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Absolutely true. It has long been my opinion that it matters not in the slightest what camera you use.

Hmmm ... I dont know David.

Those old good photographers did carry around large cameras after all. They did that for a reason. You could find much smaller and convenient cameras back then.

So - I assume they cared very much about what camera they used.

They did indeed care. In many ways, they were bigger gearheads than we are today for precisely the reason Roland mentioned. If you set out for a summer in the Sierras, you goldurn made sure that you hand the finest felt-lined, light-tight wooded cases, that you had replaced the springs on the shutters, that the screws on your tripods were in perfect working order. And you also did not even dream of taking just some old lens mounted on some old bellows.

In addition, these guys were reinventing the processes for developing substrates all the time. Later, the focus was on maximizing dynamic range (Minor White and later Ansel); ask Zone8, he knows.

Even today, the people, who hold to this traditional form of large-scale photographers, are very much in tune with their equipment and its quality.


Alpa mines the same vein in the digital realm.

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