Digital camera with large sensor or camcorder with small sensor?

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Re: Digital camera with large sensor or camcorder with small sensor?

Wow, this thread went off into some detail didn’t it!  I enjoyed that, but not sure it really covered what the op was asking about.  Not that I can answer either, but I would say from my comparatively limited experience that it really depends on what you are looking for in your video camera.

I have a Canon HF S20 video camera that is actually one of their fairly recent higher end prosumer models.  The newer Canons have fewer pixels and better low light performance than my more expensive model.  They still have the relatively small sensor though.  I purchased a Canon G1X last year that is the ‘big sensor’ evolution of their G Series lineup.  It does 1080p at 24p and the quality is very good, but it’s limited to 24p and there is limited control over the settings for even that. I didn’t buy it for video obviously, but it did become something I tinkered with after getting it.

There are probably options out there like the Panasonic Lumix GH2/3 that get closer to an ‘all around’ video/stills camera, but from my experience you give up a lot trying to use your still camera for video in terms of convenience, etc. depending on what you consider convenience I suppose.  I will definitely be using my G1X for more video when I can whip it out of my belt pouch instead of having to drag out the HF S20 from its bag buried wherever it might be if I’m carrying both.

I enjoy that my HF S20 lets me plug in a cheap Lanc controller for instance – something that’s missing on even the latest higher end HF G20.  It’s nice to be able to have my camcorder mounted on a tripod and control the zoom, on/off record, etc. remotely.  It’s certainly got far more ‘manual’ control not that I use a lot of it myself, but it’s there if I care to tinker and experiment with it.

If I weren’t a Canon ‘Fanboy’ – I would be seriously looking at one of those Lumix GH models most likely from what little I have seen on them.  You might check them out and see if it fills the bill for you.  I think maybe the GH2 even has a leg up in some regards if I recall?  Anyone know about that?

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