The Truth about D800 Auto Focus - fair at best

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Re: The Truth about D800 Auto Focus - fair at best

Shotcents wrote:

My friends and I have done a ton of tests and tried every setting change possible.

I've been told that the D800 AF Module is a somewhat reworked version of what's in the D700, but the D800 cannot match the D700's AF prowess.

The 5DIII AF is so good you almost have to work to make it miss! Clearly superior, not "close" as some reviews stated. The issue here is that the D800 "tests" great and the AF seems fine until you press it into action at a wedding or other event at which point it's not much better than my recently sold 5DII.

AF is by no means bad, but you really have to educate yourself on where it will be weak and compensate. It's simply not going to tolerate less in those cases and this does add up to missed shots. I have NOTHING close to the confidence I have with a D700 or 5DIII.

This has nothing at all to do with the AF settings. It occurs under ALL setting combinations and on every D800 I've seen/used.


I can only share my experience.  Sent in my D800 for AF adjustment in June 2012 (i think) for the infamous left AF issues.  Got it back and it was much better, but still generally unreliable compared to my D3X and D700.  From reading forums, it didn't appear Nikon had solved the issue so I waited.  New D800's since Dec-ish appeared to be much better.  Took my D800 in for service.  Nikon service held my camera for 3 weeks while "waiting for a hardware part".  Got it back 10 days ago and so far, appears to have excellent AF performance with lenses ranging from 35 f1.4G to 200 f2.  Hopefully I'm not celebrating prematurely.  

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