Problem with the lens 9-18 Oly

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Re: Lens flare normal, purple flare not so much

Chez Wimpy wrote:

Savas Kyprianides wrote:

What's a multi-AR feature? What model Panny is a good one to look for?

To facilitate video without straight "cropping" the frame (this probably happened because Panasonic had video in mind for m43 from the ground up, step-less aperture, power zooming, ect, but the legacy 4:3 sensor design was going to have be cropped top and bottom - losing angle of view on the lenses - to match the HDTV standard of 16:9) the GH1 and GH2 sensors were both designed oversized on the horizontal axis. There is a diagram near the bottom of this page and an explanation:

As a feature it is endlessly fascinating, and I probably adjust the AR more than I adjust the aperture or ISO. Basically it allows you to tailor framing in camera and avoid extensive cropping afterwards. Where it makes the most difference is in UWA lenses. There even a slight extension of the frame brings in objects that cannot be captured outside of image stitching (often difficult with UWA where foreground objects can create parallax errors). ie: 16:9 when you need a vista, or 4:3 when you want the foreground to feature prominently. Paired with the 7-14 this is an extremely effective combination. I can only hope that Panasonic manages to get, errm, "someone", to fabricate them a custom multi-AR sensor in time for the GH4. For now at least, only the Panasonic made GH1/GH2 sensors have this feature (and the G5 with a modified GH2 sensor, though the multi-AR feature is currently disabled... on the hardware or firmware level, as of yet unknown).

Thanks, very detailed.

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