New version 24-70mm f/2.8G coming out?

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Re: New version 24-70mm f/2.8G coming out?


I don't know if Nikon will bring out a new VR version of the 24-20 2.8, but I'm positive it'll be expensive, heavy, and (at least for awhile) in short supply.

The 24-70 is a wonderful lens and is very sharp.  I love mine, but I've stopped using it when I'm not using a tripod.  Because it's heavy, you'll see every bit of shake in your IQ on your D600.

About three months ago, I decided that for hand-held walk around work with my D800, I'd switch to the 24-120mm f4.0.  I gave up a stop, but the VR is, for me at least, made up for that.  In my PP in LR4, I don't see an unacceptable loss of IQ with the 24-120 over the 24-70, so I'm pretty happy with my decision, so far.

That said, if I'm doing something on a tripod, like HDR or waterfalls, I'll reach for the 24-70.

I suggest you rent both and see which suits your photography and go from there.  BTW, I bought my 24-120 from a local pro for $900 and saved a bunch.

Hope that helps,


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