D800 Single-point AF vs. Normal AF

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JacquesC wrote:

ch382 wrote:

How much "Real" difference do you find between AF-S and AF-C? I mean why do you value that over Single-servo?

I understand that AF-C is a good choice for subjects that are in motion, etc. But do you still use this mode for say Portraits, or event photography?


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The big advantage of using the "AF-ON + AF-C focussing technique" is that you HARDLY EVER have to change any focus setting once everything has been set up correctly on your camera.

I used to shoot with Canon bodies but when I switched to Nikon I suddenly found that using AF-S while shooting a wedding (especially with the bride walking down the isle) I had a hard time locking focus and getting the shot. After much experimentation I found that with AF-C set, release priority enabled, using the AF-ON button to focus (focus decoupled from the shutter release button), and in continuous shoot mode I could get all the shots I ever want, regardless whether the subject is stationary or moving. I can also use focus and recompose (by releasing the AF-ON button once focus has been achieved) with the greatest ease.

This takes a while getting used to, but once mastered you will probably never want to shoot differently again.

Please refer to this tutorial or this one for a more detailed description of the AF-ON method of focussing and the benefits of using it.

Switching to this method made ALL the difference to me and I have very few out of focus shots since I started using it. Best of all, you don't have to change a single setting when you need to switch between shooting stationary or moving subjects, and you need never wonder in what mode you are at any time !

It is really worth your while investigating this further, even if you decide against using it, you will at least understand what it is all about.

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What does using AF-ON + AF-C have to do with shooting Canon or Nikon. You sounding as if you cannot do it with Canon. You can apply the same technique with Canon cameras.

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