GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

Godfrey wrote:

"... Pentax cheerleader" ...

I gave up on Pentax some years ago, after spending a couple of years being a Pentaxian featured on their website ( - Evolutionist: Godfrey DiGiorgi) and attempting to do business with them. The cameras and lenses, most of them, were quite good. I was happy when Ricoh bought them as I think that, whatever its faults, Ricoh produces better quality, more photographer-oriented gear at a more consistent quality level.

A nice merging of old and new:

Ricoh GXR, A12 Camera Mount, VF-2 EVF fitted with 1960 Leitz Hektor 135mm f/4.5 lens

onwards! ...

Must get brave and tear down  my Hektor, beautifully built, not a scratch on it or the lenses.  A delight to hold, but unfortunately too hazy inside to be of much use.  At the moment sitting in the sin-bin box of lenses I have to "do something with".  I have fixed a few lenses, I suppose a "reasonable number" is more apt, enough to to prefer simple easy to work on lenses with proper screws in proper metal.  Simple things like fixing infinity focus, removing light internal fugus attacks, cleaning out dust, re-lubricating helical threads occasionally.  I did start practicing on the Russian oddballs, perhaps because they had a greater preponderance to being off song, perhaps because they were cheap and messing up was not such a financial disaster.  In any case the tiny custom made Russian screws had a habit of hopping about with the size and action of fleas and the soft metal was easy to thread "strip thread" and the "home made" screws are easy to break a lug off  and become a permanent item wherever they happen to be.   How you manage to make a thread on a tiny bit of wire and then cut a screwable notch in the end defies me.  Some machinist must have had days, if not years of fun on a simple little hand-operated-lathe.  "Boris, you must work harder, you only made 1,513 screws yesterday!"

Visions of some great pulsating machine churning out screws by the million/hour - not true, then at least.  By my wilder imaginations these little devils were hand made by some manipulative genius with great eye-sight.  My more realistic guess is that a thread cutter was spun on to some wire stock and the wire cut, then some sort of jig guided an ultra fine saw to cut the screw notch.  Maybe just a simple tool sitting next to every assembly line worker who made their own screws as needed.  A different tool for each wire size that was used as stock.  One of those simple little tools would come in handy for repair work.

Anyway I now have more clues as on where to start, what not to touch and not to be careless in any way.   I have not had a disaster yet except grazing the outside of an object lens (my fault) and losing one screw that hopped completely off the tray I was using to catch it.  I have been completely unable to part the inner element of a Takumar macro which has a crystalline deposit inside.  A pity as the rest of the lens is as new.

The Q that I am playing with is surprisingly good, everyone that buys one seems charmed.  But naturally it is a more light-end camera.  The sensor has it's limitations as might be expected, but low expectations seem much improved when performance is better than expected.  Also the lightweight-use orientation of the modes, etc is more directed at "fun" than serious use, but it can be controlled through PASM and has a few unique features that Ricoh could well adopt.  On the other hand a GRD and GXR firmware brush-over the Q would work marvels.

Not trying to sell you on the Q, your position is quite clear and understood.

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