Got the "OK" from the boss for new iMac... but she wants 27"

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I agree 100% with jimofcan

jimofcan wrote:

probert500 wrote:

jimofcan wrote:

Upgrade the processor to an i7 quad core., upgrade the Video, and get the 1 tb fusion HD. You can always add external drives for additional storage, for a lot less money than apple wants. Up grade the menory to 32 gb, but do that later yourself. Out of the box you only get 90 days of tech support so get the Apple Care it extends it to 2 or 3 yrs and extends the warranty till 3 yrs. I know I had to spend lots of time on the phone talking to Apple tech.

Well sure - if you have no budget constraints . Heck set up a server farm and hire an assistant.

i was trying to point out the critical future proofing areas assuming a budget was involved..


If there were no budget constraints, I would have said get the 768GB ssd, 32GB ram from Apple. To me the intel i7 processor is a very worthwhile upgrade as the i7 does hyper threading, while the i5 does not. Being that only the ram is user upgradable, unless you really want to play with a heatgun to remove the screen, you have to futureproof it at time of purchase. Yes my original upgrades are about $600, but in the overall scheme of life, that is not a lot of money. Even if you only keep the computer 3 years, the extra $600 is about 55 cents per day.

I replaced a mac over a year ago (late model 2011) with a 27", i7 quad and as little ram as possible and upgraded the ram on my own.  I agree that one should get as much processor/vid card as they can right out of the box to save time/worry later.  Ram is easy (and a lot cheaper) to get on your own.   Never buy ram from apple.

Do get the Apple Care as well.  I never get a plan with PC (too easy and cheap enough to tinker with on my own) but I will always get the plan with my Macs/iPad.

Once you've worked on the 27" screen, it's hard to even think of using a smaller mac.

When setting up a mac or any computer for that matter (unless you're into the social media stuff) I put blk electrical tape over the camera and whenever the cam is not in use. Good luck!

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