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Re:Recommend a zipped case

JCB123 wrote:

Robert Wise wrote:

Hi all

I would highly recommend the leather every ready case for the RX100 available from eBay for £12.00 - a fraction of the Sony branded case.

Purchased from Yishumahk on eBay for £11.99 post and package included.

I used to keep my S95 uncased in my shirt pocket. Until I found that i had dirt and lint all over my sensor. In a fixed lens camera thats an expensive strip down, clean, re-assemble and re-calibrate procedure. It can and will happen to an RX100 too.

The ever-ready cases are very nice but they don't keep dust away from the camera when not in use. Dust & lint get onto the lens barrels and get sucked into the camera as the lens extends and retracts.

I recommend using a case that zips up to completely encase the camera and to frequently use a blower to remove any dust seen on the lens barrel.

The ever ready case pictured does look very nice. The dust bunnies do not.



I use an Pelican case (model 1010) for my RX100.  It fits perfectly and it's waterproof and therefore also dust proof.  When I want to carry the camera in my pocket, I use a lint free pouch.

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