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Re: SD-1 has better DR

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

That is sharper (although somewhat oversharpened). However to me the DR in that image looks rather poor, the sky is kind of blown and the shadows are blocked up. Also the trees are very bayer in nature, not really having much detail in the greens. The example I posted had a much wider range of luminance from shadow to sky.

The sky was pale in reality so the shot is not overblown. At that time of day I couldn't get a deep blue sky so the camera rendered what my eyes saw!

My point is that the shot was shot with a zoom handheld. It is clearly sharper than the one in the OP. That was taken with a reportedly sharp prime. The shot is thus not properly focused. I reiterate that for static objects, the 5DmkII has extremely accurate focussing so I cannot understand how the results displayed were achieved. It is therefore a very flawed comparison.

FWIW my 5DmII prints to much larger prints than my SD14 with more accurate colours. I know its unfair to compare a 4.7MP x 3 camera to a 5.25MPx2 + 10.5MP Camera. But in my hands that is what I achieve. Maybe you can do better but I cannot.

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