New ballhead - analysis paralysis

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Re: New ballhead - analysis paralysis

jlt3b wrote:

Planning purchase of new ballhead. Want to avoid the 'buy cheap first, spend more later'. Will initially be used on 15yr old but solid bogen tripod. For general non-pro use (landscape, panos, macro, nature, etc). No studio work planned currently, but who knows what the future holds. Experiencing analysis paralysis, and would appreciate a kick in the pants (aka guidance):

arca Swiss Z1 sp monoball

arca Swiss Z1 dp monoball

markins Q20


currently using Nikon d7000, largest lenses are 70-300 VR, Nikon 105macro, nikon 17-55, but anticipate going FX and holy trilogy at some point.

Im leaning toward one of the arca Swiss z1 monoballs, but value any opinions offered. Thanks!

I'll throw a wrench in the works - or maybe solve your problem for you!

I'd suggest you look at the Arca-Swiss B2/Z2, which are not ballheads, providing separate controls for each movement, but with the holding power of the very best ballheads. You'll never need anything else, even if you buy an 800mm lens, and it's much easier to position with precision, since attempts to level it won't induce off-axis movement like any ballhead will, no matter how high the quality, since they move in any direction (including those you don't want them to move in).

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