Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

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It is a question of interpreting the words of the manual...

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

That's incorrect. You can always set higher than ISO100 as minimum ISO and in that case the camera will always start with that ISO.

I suggest you read page 112 of the D800 User Manual that clearly says, "the minimum value for auto ISO sensitivity is automatically set to ISO 100"

OK, then the manual is wrong because I tested this during a sunny day outdoors, set the ISO sensitivity to ISO800 Maximum to ISO3200 and using the 50/1.4G. I am pretty sure that the camera used ISO800 as long as it did not result in overexposure and once the ISO800 was too much the ISO was lowered by the camera until it reached ISO100. Perhaps they mean that the ISO will never go below ISO100 in auto ISO, I don't know, but the ISO sensitivity sets the minimum ISO for auto ISO and is not fixed the way I see it. The "floor" is fixed, just like the maximum, it can not be set higher than ISO6400, but that's all.

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