B&H GH3 order notification and new policies?

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Francis Carver Senior Member • Posts: 1,122
B&H store visit + why GH3 had dropped off the face of the Planet Earth?

ekramer51 wrote:

I quite understand that! So does that mean the long awaited GH3 is not going to be stocked by B&H but only available by special order on a non cancel-able no return basis?

If that's the case B&H has some severe cash flow problems or the GH3 is such a dud they're unwilling to stock it......which I hardly believe but I guess anything is possible

I can get to Manhattan from my house in under 2 hours, and as a matter of fact stopped by Adorama and B&H Superstore just last week. Saw no "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" signs or anything.

I am suspecting the GH3 is not stocked -- because Panasonic is not shipping them to B&H. I know it's a bold new theory, but really, is it not entirely possible?

I was considering various non-interchangeable and interchangeable lens cameras from Panasonic for video use, and I am 95 percent certain I will get at least one Lumix model from them. It just won't be a GH3, that's for sure. Maybe one day, we'll learn what the major problems are on the GH3 front, but for right now: "WOULD BE BUYERS of GH3, PLEASE BEWARE."

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