Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

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Re: Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

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Tommygun45 wrote:

My 16 just got delivered. Can't wait to get home and play with it. What would be a good test to do to see how good/bar my copy is? Find a brick wall or something? Print a test sheet from someplace and snap some shots of it?

Forget any formal test with that lens. Use it outside, learn about its behavior and learn to love it or don't. It is the lens that don't like lab tests.

Alright, Ill do a walk around down town tonight. Also its part of a free lens offer from my nex 6 kit. Ill also compare it to an indoor shot Ill take in my apartment against the 1650, Ill use jpegs to even it out.

Either way, can't go wrong with free.

It's a compromised lens. To make it small, projection circle is reduced, strong field curvature is involved, resulting in very sharp center and smeared corners. You can find many really nice pictures taken with it, but not a single raving review. It is what it is, I sold mine, as the optical quality for me is more important than size, but others have different merits. It is even smaller and somewhat faster then yours kit lens, and can take ultra wide and fisheye adapters.

It is certainly nice snapshot lens, and with some cropping it can serve well as a landscape lens too.

Enjoy it.

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