12-35 unimpressive as a landscape lens

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Re: 12-35 unimpressive as a landscape lens

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This article over at Lensrentals is interesting an pertains to lenses like the 12-35, which have to correct a fair amount via software...


If you are willing to put up with weight and poor auto-focus, the Oly 12-60 is very nice for landscapes. I've always found it better than my 14-45 (nice micro-contrast, I think).

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John Krumm
Juneau, AK

Think I'll wait and see whether Oly commits to a µ4/3 edition of the 12-60, which could really enhance the system (despite the existence of the 12-50). In practice it's a fine landscape lens and offers near-macro performance to boot. Very sharp, very contrasty. But big on a µ4/3 body and twitchy autofocus.

Has there been any evidence of 12-35 sample variation? I see some very sharp output, some not so sharp.



I have not seen anyone speak of variance at all. But I have seen many owners simply roll over and accept the quality it puts out which even in reviews has been mentioned as not good enough for the price. I doubt the 12-60 will get a m4/3 version especially if Olympus is working on a fix for the phase detect lenses.

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