sony to announce two new e-mount lenses this week...

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Re: sony to announce two new e-mount lenses this week...

captura wrote:

Puddleglum wrote:

You said it all with your final sentence. Sony will only feel competitive pressure from Canon in the mirrorless lens market, when Canon offers a competitively priced body that can put up a fight against NEX bodies. Until then the price of Canon's M glass is mostly academic.

I disagree. NEX's main competition has been and still is m43, and that means Panasonic for this example. Their very-similar 20mm f1.7, an outstanding lens, is still stuck at $350, even for used examples.

What do you mean you disagree? As far as I can tell your point agrees with mine - the M system is not a credible competitor to NEX, so the prices of the lenses is not particularly relevant. m4/3 system is a credible competitor, so a comparison of lens performance and price is more sensible.

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