What to make of DxOMark scores

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Re: What to make of DxOMark scores - evaluating high iso performance

Thanks for the replies. I am finding evaluating high iso performance is such a subjective thing. I think my best bet is looking at the comparisons within the camera reviews here. It's still very hard to tell. In my opinion, it seems the D5100 is about a half stop better than the T4I but are basically on par in the APS-C realm. The D600 and 6D seem pretty similar to me as well and about 2 stops better than their APS-C counterparts.

Comparison to older cameras only go as far back as the 500D era and I'm just not seeing any dramatic improvement in aps-c sensors in the last 6 or 7 years (not seeing 2 stop improvement over my xti). It seems like I have to go full frame and while the cost is a big factor, the weight is more of an issue for me.

Right now, all options are on the table. I figure if I'm not getting dramatically better image quality and I can go with a Sony Nex 6 and get close to the same focus speed as a dslr, I should at least consider it because they are so compact.

Sorry, I'm all over the map here evaluating cameras, but it's far more difficult today than it was when I bought my first Rebel Xti.

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