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New adapter or new OM-D?

I've held the OM 350 mm f/2.8 mounted on a Nikon D3. The lens mount was changed by SK Grimes of Rhode Island. I held the rig by the lens and it had a lens collar on it. I wouldn't want a smaller camera for that lens. We were out shooting helicopters and I had more reach with the 50-200 on the E-3.

Yes, the BLM-5 is a good size and power level. Two of them in a grip is even better.

For all of the access buttons and large dials you need a larger body. That great 3" screen on the E-5 barely fits. They moved the buttons around from where they were on the E-3 to make the larger screen fit. For my big hands and long fingers I prefer a larger camera body too. I just don't see going smaller to an E-xxx or E-30 size. But anything new in a DSLR would be welcome news for a lot of impatient Olympus affecionados.

I don't see a more expensive adapter as an option for the EM-5. It's already priced at $1460 for the body, grip and MMF adapter. A better adapter, especially one that incorporates a mirror and/or PDAF sensor, would cost over $650. That prices any Pen or OM-D out of the market for a MILC and costs more than a lot of DSLRs.

A screw-on, semi-perminent adapter mount requires a new body. A dual flange mount, with concentric flanges, or one largr flange with the same lens/body connection points could be stronger. But that requires a new body.

I don't see an upgrade to the EM-5 or the EPL-5 by the end of this year. Sales of the OM-D are good. Why kill that cash cow with a better upgrade? Maybe in two to three years, but not now.

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