Fuji X-S1 vs. Fuji HS50EXR

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Quick instructions to Fujifilm SL1000 shooters

Steen Bay wrote:

The SL1000 is f/6.5 at 1200mm (equivalent) and HS50 is f/5.6 at 1000mm. Think it's quite likely that the SL1000 also is app. f/5.6 at 1000mm.

Quick instructions to Fujifilm SL1000 shooters:

"Okay, now push that tiny little servo zoom switch, and move the focal length from 977mm to 985mm. Okay, now go from there to 1005mm, then move to 1172mm, and quickly back to 982mm. Got it? Didn't miss a beat and took all your stills and videos fine, right?"

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