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jcollier wrote:

Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Sally Mann, Lee Freidlander, Edward Weston…and many others all have a few things in common. They never complained about how heavy their equipment was, or not being able to shoot above ASA (ISO) 400, or how pretty/ugly their cameras were, or short battery life, or miniscule differences in dynamic range when viewed under a microscope, or whether their autofocus speed and accuracy is better/worse than some mythical standard.

This to me seems to run counter to your arguement as on some level surely the Sigma DP's are cameras of convenience? there a fraction of the size of DSLR's that offer superior resolution, AF etc.

Ultimately they carried heavy equipment to get the best possible image, they knew and cared a great deal about the limations of their equipment and did there best to get around it. Today carrying heavy equipment doesnt just mean more resolution or access to camera movements, it can also mean better autofocus, faster FPS etc that can most definately help achieve a shot.

Of course for landscape use alone those newer advanatges arent an issue but were someone like Ansel around today in the shape he was in when he used large format I'm guessing he'd either still use it or the best digital alternative he could afford, be that a D800e, medium format DSLR or some kind of scan back, I doubt he'd use the the DP1 or DP2 M's to save what is ultimately a pretty minor amount of weight.

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