Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

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Re: Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

Bill McClung wrote:

Totally agree. Size is very much a relative thing. Throughout my photographic years, I have gone from Speed Graphics to multiple medium format cameras to various Nikon digital SLRs. I ran a part-time wedding photography business for 24 years. When I saw how good my NEX-7 was, I sold my Nikon D300 and most of the Nikon lenses. My NEX-7 may not be the smallest/lightest camera on the market and I certainly didn't buy it hoping it would fit in my pocket. But, compared to carrying around that D300 and attendant heavy glass, the NEX is a lightweight!

Would I use the NEX-7 to do weddings (informally, as I'm retired from the business)? Take a look at the image below, taken last weekend, and you be the judge. It was taken, hand-held, using the NEX7's in-camera HDR feature.

Maybe I missed something Bill but how does this relate to the OP?

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