NX1000 taking washed out photos

Started Jan 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
trac63 Contributing Member • Posts: 744
Re: NX1000 taking washed out photos

dmeek wrote:

thanks for the great explanation.

usually to get the correct exposure i will half-press on different areas of the scene until i get an automatic exposure that looks good to me. i assume that this is basically equivalent to using the exposure adjustment? i don't suppose there's any way on the nx1000 to 'lock in' the exposure, so that i can reuse the half-press for auto-focus?

Truth be told, this looks more like a lighting issue than an exposure issue. As in: you're getting a lot of low-angle "raking" light from windows in front and behind the subject here, and that's probably what's causing the washed-out look.

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