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Re: Press Fn2, press Info, rotate Back-Wheel, press Info.

John.Laninga wrote:

OP here... my original question had to do with a quick setup of the smallest focus box. On my GH2, I had one button set up for pin point focus, worked great. But on the OM-D, I have to go through menu settings and multiple clicks to get a small box.

Also, I had MF assist set to 14X in an effort to get the 14X focus box. It is impossible to hand hold a 300mm lens and manually focus when the image is blown up to 14X, just too jumpy. Today I will be going out after trying some more setups (and practice) on the OM-D to make this faster/more intuitive.

The problem (especially in my 2nd picture) is that the bird is "soft", that is, no strong lines. But the background, being all branches, has a very strong line component. At that time, I had difficulty in getting to the small 14x focus box. The camera LCD was in full daylight, I forgot which touch screen icon I had to push etc. So the camera dutifully focused on the background.

We'll see what happens today. And, later this week, how that compares to my GH3 which should be here any day now.

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions, they are much appreciated.

Press Fn2, press Info, rotate Back-Wheel to select focus box size, press Info.

Press Fn2 any time this focus box size is needed.

Press OK to cancel Fn2 box size and return to normal focus box size.

Note, you can also Double Press Fn2 to zoom view into the selected focus box size.

(Assumes Fn2 is set to the camera default action)

I also have Menu -> Cog-A AF/MF -> MF Assist set to off so I can use S-AF-MF and still see the whole frame.

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