What's good and bad about K30

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Re: What's good and bad about K30

lawsonstone wrote:

I've owned the K10D, K20D, and K-r, and currently use the K-5 and K-30. I love the K-30 for it's size and weight, though it still feels superbly solid in the hand. I subjectively find it's AF is much faster and more accurate than the K-5. It's just an enormous amount of camera in a pretty small handful.

Cons are hard to think of. I wish it had an external microphone jack. I wish video features were better. I wish it had a back IR sensor for using the remote from behind. That's about all I can think of right now.

For the price it's a fabulous value, and it's a great camera in any context.

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Lawson G. Stone
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I bought a £5 cable remote just in case I need to fire the K-30 from behind, although a 15m range cheap IR remote seems to fire it from behind indoors anyway, bouncing off walls.  A cable remte can also get round the problem of bracketing not being available with the IR remote.

Good stuff:-  Everything for stills is nicely thought out and functional and better than same level competition by a long way in the usability dept.  Image quality is amazing for the money, try comparing it with the latest FF cameras, there isn't a huge difference.  With a 35/2.4 lens or a pancake, it will fit in a baggy winter jacket pocket comfortably.  I'm now looking for a summer jacket with big pockets!  The 35/2.4 is actually a good reason to buy Pentax if you use 35mm FL a lot, it's reasonably priced, fast focusing and sharp wide open across the frame - check it out.

Use RAW and the IQ takes on another dimension, especially the ability to recover blown skies and dreg up detail from the shadows.

It's quite tough, I've dropped mine a couple of feet and there's zero damage.

Bad stuff:-  Video evidently but it looks good enough to me for the occasional use I'll give it.  Some video players don't do a good job with playback of K-30 videos, try PotPlayer it's superior for 60fps and lower 24/25/30fps looks less glitchy to me.  Mind you, the autofocus in video is useless which is surprising as live view stills AF is quite good for a DSLR.  Manual focus is far better for video anyway, so it's a big shame that focus peaking doesn't work during video shooting - perhaps a firmware update will add it but don't hold your breath.  Audio may only be mono but it's very clear and stereo from built in mikes isn't proper stereo anyway.  A mike socket would have been nice, but there are ways round it - look up Zoom audio recorders, H4N etc.

Some 3rd party lenses aren't available for Pentax.  This is the real drawback of going Pentax, so make sure you can get the lenses you need.

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