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Re: Future requirements

SteveS58 wrote:

This conversation pretty much boils down to 2 points of view, as we keep seeing over and over:

1.) I've made my investment in Olympus four thirds equipment. I'm very happy with the results I'm getting. I'm hoping that Olympus at the end of 2013 comes through with a new camera that will accommodate and maximize my zuiko glass. There's no rush to make any changes.

2.) I feel like Olympus abandoned me by dropping four thirds and focusing on micro four thirds. I'm disappointed that I can't use my Zuiko lenses to their best advantage on micro four thirds cameras. My investment continues to drop. From the sidelines, I continue to see improvements in technology by other manufacturers.

So there will be those who hold on, and those who continue to depart. Bottom line is that a camera is only a tool. Each of us has to determine how much of a difference a new tool will make, and the effect that will have on our pocket book.

Yup, first point pretty much describes where I am. The only thing I may add is, Olympus push into m43 doesn't disappoint me and doesn't make me feel abandoned. I might have felt that way if I were a fan of smaller bodies (5xx or 6xx), but being perfectly content with E30 or E5 size I am also quite content with 3 years cycle for E-5 successor - in whichever technology it eventually comes.

M43 proved to be a success, so I can't blame Olympus for this lateral move which allowed development of new technologies and stabilization of a financial side. If those technologies eventually leak into 43 or merge both sides and give me new flagship camera, what do I have to complain about? E-5 serves me perfectly well over last 2 years (as did E-510 and then E-30 before it), I have no reason to doubt that its successor will be just as satisfactory.

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