Any limitations on using filters on the P7700?

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Re: Any limitations on using filters on the P7700?

sicherheit wrote:

Latest from Nikon support ...

"In relation to the P7700 specifically, there is only one filter which we recommend attaching to the lens which is the 40.5mm NC filter. If you are looking to use other filters Nikon recommend attaching the lens hood HN-CP17 to the camera and 58mm screw-on filters can then be attached to the lens hood.
There is no weight restriction on filters that I can advise you on as we do not have that kind of information I'm afraid. As filters are generally quite light I would not foresee an issue and attaching them to the lens hood eliminates any pressure on the lens itself."

Seems fair enough to me

Hi John.

I don't see how the pressure on the lens itself would be eliminated by attaching filters to the front of the lens hood (which is otherwise obviously OK - the lens hood is specifically designed to support a 58 mm screw-in filter). I mean, the lens still has to support the weight of the lens hood + anything you may attach to it. So in this regard I find the reply you received from Nikon strange. Attaching filters directly to the lens (using a step-up adapter rings) produces less radial stress than using the lens hood since the weight of the filter would be closer to the lens than with the lens hood. Step-up rings are both shorter and lighter than the lens hood.

If you intend to play with step-up rings and such, don't forget to remove the protective ring around the P7700 lens first! (there is a warning about this in the manual as well).

By the way, I have the lens hood (not the original Nikon one, a JJC knock-off) and both a 40.5 mm and a 58 mm polarizing filter. So I tried these two combinations:

  1. camera + 40.5 mm CPF + lens hood
  2. camera + lens hood + 58 mm CPF

Both combinations worked. The first combination seemed like a good idea to me because the polarizer itself was also shielded by the lens hood (less chance for flare), but I got slight vignetting with it at camera's widest setting (at 28 mm equiv.). There was no vignetting with combination 2 (my 58 mm filter is thinner than the 40.5 mm one, so I am sure this is why). But this indicates that stacking two or more filters to the lens hood would certainly produce vignetting. This is another reason why I would probably opt for a step-up ring if I wanted to experiment with more filters.

But the safest option would be to get the extension tube which attaches directly to the camera body.

Kind regards, T.

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