GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor????

Toccata47 wrote:

audiobomber wrote:

I'm betting this is a false rumour. APS-C would make it too close in size to the GXR.

You know, they've done so well with the compact sensor and the overall design of the camera it's hard to imagine where to improve upon the grd without moving up in sensor size.

Maybe instead of the 1/1.7" CCD they could change to a BSI CMOS sensor, which will improve low-light performance significantly.  At least then they'd improve IQ, and would still be able to keep the body as small as the GRD IV.  The 10 mp CCD sensor the GRD uses has been around for several years.

As far as size is concerned sony has really shown in the rx1 and rx100 just how much you can sensor you can squeeze into a tiny package. I have a feeling that ricoh can do so too with an apsc sensor.

I could almost see them achieving a small GRD V with a 1" sensor.  Heck, I'd be happy if they just bought Sony's 20 mp sensor from the RX100.  Pentax is using Sony's 12 mp 1/1.7" BSI CMOS sensor in the MX-1, so maybe Ricoh could source a 1" sensor from Sony.  With an APS-C sensor it would be much, much more difficult to keep the body small AND have a fast prime lens.  Look at how much larger the Fuji X100 or even the Sigma DP2 Merrill is than the RX100.  APS-C may make forum crowd and spec watchers happy, but I think the original concept of the GRD would be gone.

Ultimately you're right, of course. The only mention of a grdV is from a single blog post with no support outside of an anonymous tip. Could be total bollocks.

It sounds false to me as well, but stranger things have happened. It's been a while since Ricoh has made big news in the industry and an APS-C GRD V would be big news.

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