What's good and bad about K30

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Re: What's good and bad about K30

Cane wrote:

Curious why you find using m42 lenses on m4/3 better? I have a k-01 and focus peaking is a Godsend for fast accurate auto focusing. I wish m4/3 had it. If you have a subject that isn't moving and you have all day to zoom in to focus, check, recheck, etc., fine, but on the fly manual lens focusing, that's not an option.

Apologizing for the slight OT, I have two reasons for it:

1: the good adapter I've found leaves all K mount contacts open to the elements. I find that unpleasant and bordering on disturbing for what I perceived as my 'worry-free' camera

2: the in-viewfinder magnification. I believe the K01 would have been even better if an optional EVF was available, and I find magnification to be more reliable than peaking with fast glass (my favorite legacy is a f1.2 lens).

On the other hand, 1 plus for the K-30 is indeed the great peaking; very nice implementation and for casual usage it's a revelation versus a non-peaking camera. However, I would say it applies better in larger-DOF context and where critical, thin-field focus is not happening.

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