Simple question is 16-50mm better, equal or worse than 18-55mm?

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Re: Simple question is 16-50mm better, equal or worse than 18-55mm?

scotbot wrote:

I bought the NEX6 with the PZ1650 and sold the lens to buy a (black) 18-55 because:

1) Everytime the camera goes to standby the lens retracts and loses the zoom position - I want to save power and not have to reframe EVERY SINGLE TIME it sleeps. This would get really annoying in the studio.

2) I like to look at a scene, think what focal length I need, set it and then bring the camera up to frame the shot. You can't really do this with the PZ, you can zoom without looking at the scene of course but not with any accuracy.

3) There appears to be no way to disable digital zoom when shooting at 8mpx, so when going past 50mm it goes into digital zoom. This makes selecting full optical soom almost impossible. I had clear zoom and digital zoom set to 'off' in the menu.

4) I just prefer to zoom with a manual ring not 'fly by wire'.

I can't see any difference in optical quality.

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Good response. The main difference is the 16-50 is way more compact, but comes with the annoyances of a power zoom vs. a manual zoom.

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