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René Schuster wrote:

I never knew it only takes two words ("Great speech") to start a thread that makes it to the top of the "Top threads in", lol!:-D

The only requirement: Just make sure that these two words are something about Obama you perceived in a positive way.

And the result -as always- is nothing but a sad demonstration of how divided and torn this nation actually is at the moment! The US financial situation might be scary, but I think this problem of a deeply divided society is even worse! Many nations have to live with serious financial problems these days, but I can't think of any other nation where society is as divided as in the US.

And since Obama tried to address exactly this in his speech -"We, the people"- and he said it a couple times, is the reason why I think it was a great speech! It has to be about "We" again, not Us and Them, Reps and Dems, Black and White, etc.; none of the real problems can be solved as long as there are two groups, not trying to find working compromises but pulling in opposite directions and fighting each other!


Very good observation Rene.  Yes we are divided, and it's hopeless.  This is exactly what the power elite in this country wants.  These sons of benedicts, and by these I mean the banking and corporate giants who in turn are owned by the former,  are successfully fragmenting us via our treasonous elected officials with Mr O at the top.

I'm not going to get into a rant about which predominant group is prevalent in this elite, as I think you know who they are.  Just look at the last names of the firms. We are a country facing the same problems that Germany had 1923-1933.  And I think we are around 1932.   History does repeat.

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