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Re: Future requirements

eaa wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

I am just sitting tight and waiting to see what happens. I would love to buy some cheap SHG glass but not until Olympus does it or gets off the pot.

I will be around for awhile. 4/3 cameras will also be around for awhile.

Me too, me too

In principle, I'm not reluctant to move to a PDAF-enabled m4/3 body.
But there are some requirements for that to happen:

  • PDAF speed on par w/ E-5
  • CAF speed on par w/ E-5, preferably better
  • Physically bigger than the E-M5, w/ bigger tactile buttons
  • Physical layout w/ buttons and 2 wheels for improved and quicker operation
  • If modular grips, they must build a very firm and steady assembly when stacked
  • If non-OVF, sufficient battery capacity to yield 750 exposures w/ the EVF
  • Preferably a top LCD
  • Preferably no mode dials
  • Fully sealed (as good as the E-x)
  • All magnesium alloy body, for maximum strength of the micro mount

Actually, it's the m4/3 mount as such I'm most sceptical of. It is quite small, but still it has to support +3kg lenses. Doing so by means of a m4/3>4/3 adapter makes it even worse. But if it really is strong and tight enough (no play, no wobble, no break), it will hopefully work through the tear and wear in the long run... That said, it feels kinda strange to have to use an adapter on an Oly for using native Oly ZDs. But if no alternatives, how to use my HG/SHGs otherwise, other than being left behind with an (soon to be) obsolete camera body and sensor? Tech moves on. So must we. Most important thing is that heavy investments in lenses are protected. I can adapt to a new camera body for sure, even through a paradigm shift. And guess what, even though my lenses may need one, myself I can do that w/ no adapter what so ever!

Erik I agree with most of what you have said.

I would like to Add.

1) Both batteries can be changed without taking off the grip.

2) 8-9 FPS with AF

3) Big buttons ( I would have less if bigger)

4) Flippy screen I have started to really like it.

Not really much.

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