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Re: How to use PN with no Presets applied

You can make any number of Presets, with the settings set to do nothing and have it applied by default.
I'd at least recommend demosaicing and color correction at a minimum :^) (you need the demosaic, color correction, white balance, black point)

Just turn off all the other filters by default. You can always vary around this "nothing done" for any filter. So you can always decrease from what came out of the camera and you can increase for any filter. For example: negative detail enhancement. This is not just blurring. Read the documentation (click the ? button). This will decrease skin (smooth areas) texture while preserving detail (non-smooth areas).

I've seen plenty of discussions on dpreview and the negative comments that I've seen (with respect to IQ) can all be addressed by: just change the setting to what YOU want. Pretty much. Think the colors are too vibrant... we have presets that can set them to neutral and in addition you can do this in a couple of ways immediately. Think the image is too sharp, change it. That's like one button click and drag one slider to accomplish that. Think its too contrasty, that's one button click and your choice of 2 sliders depending on local/global contrast. etc etc You can easily and quickly make your adjustments in Photo Ninja. But you have to have taken a few minutes to look at the tutorials and help documentation and tried every filter.

For example, all you have to do to correct your Chromatic Aberration is to check the appropriate filter. Check it (turn it on). You don't even have to open the filter. One button click. High quality automatic Chromatic aberration correction. And you can do that by default (no button clicks). But you wouldn't know that if you don't take enough time to use the product.

Lens distortion correction. Trivial to create the lens correction profile for your lens. One shot where you use our automatic correction tool. Then you click the Train button. You can then automatically apply lens distortion correction for every shot that uses that lens.

We have filter settings that are "smart" meaning they are trainable to be automatically applied like YOU want on the image situations you want (based on EXIF).

You have a wealth of automation at your control without having to "write a program in great detail" like with Photoshop to achieve what you want...

To answer your unadulterated question: Just turn off every filter except demosaic and color correction. It's that simple.


Thanks for posting this Rob, and thanks to Bill for providing the info.

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