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Re: It depends which lenses you use

Timskis6 wrote:

Ok, lets re-write it:

With the E3, once you become experienced with it, its very predictable in how unreliable and inaccurate the focusing will be.

What you wrote is absolutely true - and can be applied to any other camera body (including D700, 1DmkIII, D300, E-410, etc.). Once you can predict the scenarios it will be unreliable and/or inaccurate in, you'll understand how to avoid those routine mistakes.

Gareth - I believe you shoot weddings so clearly this is nothing new to you. You ​must​ know of scenarios where your gear performs poorly, and you've learned to avoid it. That's what I'm trying to pinpoint here.

Well yes, indeed. Nothing is perfect.

But while much of my post was fairly tongue in cheek, I'm firm in my belief that the E3 focus is way, WAY more flawed than it should be. Yes, I can get misfocus from Nikon gear, but you generally need to be working right on the edge to see it. I've seen countless OOF images from oly gear (from my own shots, shots of other pros, shots from people on this forum, shots from people who have bought lenses from others on this forum that were supposed to be perfect and not have any issues) that might have been taken at say f4 or f5.6 .I can honestly say that if I'm shooting at an equivalent f8 or f11 on a D3, I could rattle off 1000 shots in a day long wedding, and not a single one would be unsharp due to a focus error, because even if it was slightly out, the extended DOF would mask it. This just isn't the case with the E3 (and most of the other cameras to be honest).

Nothing is perfect, but the Oly focus module is just on the wrong side of acceptable for me for situations where I need to rely on fast accurate AF and I don't have control over the situation and I need to shoot as wide open as possible to get isolation.

The Oly stuff isn't unique here. I used to shoot with the Kodak SLRc. I'd always make a point of taking at least three shots of a shallow DOF portrait to ensure I had a very high probability of getting one acceptable in focus shot. So while that did work, it itself became an unacceptable thing to do when other options became available to me that didn't require these workarounds. Know what I mean?



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