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Re: Future requirements

I just did that.  Got rid of my two oldest bodies, kit lens and the 70-300.  I kept the E30, E520 plus 50/2, 11-22 and 50-200.  I was disappointed when Olympus quit making the HV pack after I had picked up one off Calumet (their Power Block) back in Dec 2011 plus the Quantum CO5 cable (that is no longer in production). That alone does not bode well to me.

So I decided what should I do upgrade to an E5 (refurbished) or look else where. When I started in photography I had a Topcon Uni (niche camera had leaf shutter) and a Yashica 635. I ended up with a Nikon FM (2-lenses) and a C330f/C220 (4 -lenses).  I later got back to photography digital when the E500 came out and compared it with my daughters D70 and my friend Canon rebel.  At the time the E500 was more bang for the buck ($$).

So I am no stranger in a two system world (35/220).  So I actually did some research and decided what would be to my advantage I still had the Nikon FM and the 2-lens (not fast 3.5). So I picked up a D7000 and am pleased with it especially with the old glass and the FL50's in manual mode work well the D7000.  I still have to do some research on my 'Oly Trig-master' as the transmitter functions on the D7000 but may pick one up for the Nikon to be on the safe side.

I was apprehensive when others complained about focusing but then again I shoot manual mode 99% of the time and center focus point and had sharp images with their kit and legacy lenses.

used a 28mm F3.5 I think F/16 on board flash and lens set at hyper focal distance:dof gage


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