Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

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Re: Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

verybiglebowski wrote:

jbwong wrote:

That's the reason why they release another wide prime - with a 20mm though..

hopefully the optics is on par with Sigma 19mm

Even if it would be, (which I seriously doubt, as it will need bunch of SW corrections) Sigma 19 is not a big and certainly not a heavy lens. 2 times higher price (recently over 3 times if bought with Sigma 30), for slightly smaller size?

Still, there will be lot of users who would defend it, because it's pancake, so your jacket pocket can be a ted smaller

45.7 mm vs 20 mm is not "slightly" smaller. It is less than half the size of the Sigma 19mm. We all have different tradeoffs we are looking for in a lens, so it's not for me to tell others they should like this lens, but I really get baffled at the number of users in the NEX forum that don't seem to get that in the NEX system there is a huge emphasis on compact size.

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