Is the 18-105 soft for distant subjects?

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Re: Is the 18-105 soft for distant subjects?

Thanks for replying.

RP McMurphy wrote:

F8 wont give you sharpness from middle of the scene to the mountain peaks - those mountain peaks are very far away and at 105mm your hyperfocal distance is unlikely to cover to infinity

That particular shot was at 58 mm, which gives a hyperfocal distance of about 70 feet, which I easily achieved, assuming the camera got the focus distance right.

Equally at those altitudes UV will impair the sharpness on longer distances

Interesting point about UV, I hadn't though about that.

The kit lens is not going to give you huge sharpness, seems to be a decent lens for a kit but I think you're expecting a bit much

I think my expectations for sharpness are reasonable, given that if you look at other areas of that shot - like the rock formation at the left edge - the sharpness is much better than the mountain peak.

Last and not least, the lens is not optimised for detail at infinity

This is what I am wondering.

What you have is consistent with what I would expect - try a higher aperture and push the focal point back a but if detail in the rocks is what you need

Yes, I will experiment with that on some other scenes.  Thanks again.

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