NOOB 5D Mark III Question from a D800 (owner/switcher???)

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Re: NOOB 5D Mark III Question from a D800 (owner/switcher???)

The Photo Ninja wrote:

That's not my question. Specifically does it affect the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. On Nikon it purposely underexposes the images and boost shadows. Truly annoying. I realize lightroom won't see the tweaks to the image.

why don't I keep both? Just a function of money.

right now, Nikon and I are on a trial separation. The 5d focuses wonderfully and is much more responsive AF and fps wise than the d800.

Yes - it effects ISO. According to that link i gave you and others i have read it pushes down the iso. That is why you can not select iso 100 when you have it on.. as it reserves 100 to push down to. This can then lead to noise in the dark areas as it has underxposed and then applied some edits to the image. Personally I think I would rather expose the way I want to and then edit myself in post processing. It does not increase the dynamic range.

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