the 149 best shots

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Re: the 149 best shots

Coming from a 50D (having had to hold off on the 5D2 because I lost my job), I'm constantly stunned at the capabilities of a full-frame cam, specifically the 5D3.  I'm still figuring out my PP workings, since I seem to see a sharpness and color quality on here that I've yet to achieve (granted, that could be in the shot-taking process as well), but here's a couple I've been really happy with since picking up the 3.


(Please pardon the abnormally large watermark...working on trying to create something ... you know...subtler )

Marcus Antonius wrote:


Now i ask you to just fill one thread with the best of the best work you shot with your new camera. And make the people with love for photography believe in this forum again. Please only respond if you have a great image to show. We have enough posts with nonsense now


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