What's good and bad about K30

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Re: What's good and bad about K30

I recently sold my Canon Rebel body (still keeping Canon EOS glass and saving for FF in 1-2 years) and bought a K-30 to be my more 'serious' camera, while also having a Oly Pen with me about every day. I must say the micro 4/3 camera definitely takes a lot more of my pictures and even the Pentax will stay a lot more at home. However, IQ advantages (for the price) of a DSLR as well as operational speed can be important in some cases; you just need to plan and have the right camera with you at those times.

My good points on the small black (my case) beast:

- definitely the best value for money or features set in its price range. A very long list to go here, and some of these were more significant for me (see below)

- a very good sensor; above Canon offerings right now in the same price range

- the largest viewfinder you can get below 1,000 Euro in my market, at least, and one of the largest available unless you go full-frame

- weather sealing - maybe not perfect, but i'm an outdoorsy guy and it gives me some confidence

- AA batteries option

My bad / less than perfect findings so far

- movie quality kind of disappointing. Worse than my 'old' Canon 550D or my Oly E-PL3. I was expecting lower performance, but it's really quite visible in my real-life tests

- usage of legacy m42 glass not as easy as I hoped. I'll not go into details here, as it's maybe not your case, but suffice to say that Pentax is friendlier with legacy Pentax mount glass but not that much with the m42 lenses I'd like to use. My Oly remains to lead there, in spite of my hopes

This is about it for me; all in all a camera I can easily advise towards if you understand that it's still-focused and that if you have a micro 4/3 camera it will not be the one you tend to pick up when leaving the house unless you have a serious reason to.

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