Processing with RPP

Started Jan 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
mark-vdi Regular Member • Posts: 436
Re: Processing with RPP

Hi, i'm afraid the method is a no go with the 18mm and 60mm files.  Only the 35mm or 3rd party lens (no in camera lens correction) will work.  I actually tried to match the RPP 18mm to the jpeg but the jpeg lens correction changes from barrel to pincushion about 3/4 towards edge of picture and than back to barrel just before edge so basically - no chance! (ACR +22 Barrel/Pincushion; scale 107; then cmd A / cmd T in PS and ca. -0.05% w and h matches center and edge quite well . . . but) of course this actually corresponds to quite a large loss of data.  Cheers, Mark

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