Taming rhe DPC WatchDog?

Started Jan 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP John W Hall Contributing Member • Posts: 549
New (to me) info re the DPC Watchdog violation


Looks like a "DPC Latency" problem was discovered soon after Win 8 became available from MSDN.

Many posts relate to getting crackles and pops in audio, reckoned to be caused by a very high "DPC Latency", e.g. >1000 in Win 8 vs ~50 - 200 in Win 7.

Some posts mention a specific nvidia driver.

Until a few days ago I was getting bitten about 3 times a day. I updated my nvidia driver and things improved, to about one bite in 2 days. I also updated a Realtek audio driver as Device Manager showed it was quite old.

So then I relaxed, assuming it was fixed. But no - still biting but less frequently.

So in desperation I bought & ran DriverUpdate, which claimed to have found and fixed 16 "Ancient" drivers.

I checked my SSD, and Samsung's SSD Magician tells me it is up to date.

I still get bitten about once in 3 days.

Now seeing the info in the above link (first line of this post), I'm assuming it's an inherent problem in Win 8, so will wait for MS to acknowledge and perhaps fix it.

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